Jon Challicom is a London-based commercial photographer. He lives in North London in a little house with a blue shed with a wife, a son and a mad cat.

For the past 16 years he has worked as a photographer after graduating from the Documentary Photography degree program at Newport University.

He spent a good chunk of his twenties as a documentary photographer, shooting highly sensitive images of difficult lives and situations both here in the UK and overseas. A number of these essays won awards in the Hodge, Ian Parry and Nikon Press Award.

During the 00s he met a girl, she made him settle down and with this clients became more commercial. Jon started shooting for design agencies, charities, business magazines and multi-national corporations.

Over the years Jon has developed a very diverse set of skills. He has yet to be fazed by politicians, CEOs, Olympic gold medal winners, dogs or even children. Fully embracing the digital age, Jon has a developed series of signature styles and is accomplished in post-production. Over the last 2 years Jon has started shooting a number of short films and cinemagraph’s for online campaigns.

Jon can be contacted on the following

t: +44 (0) 780 370 1947